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Two women kayak on the water of Lake Raleigh

North Shore Residential

North Shore Development Map

Status of Development

Completed Buildings

  • 13 townhouse buildings (64 units)

Buildings Under Construction

  • 1 condominium building (44 units)
  • 1 townhouse building (5 units)

To Be Constructed

  • 3 townhouse buildings (16 units)
  • 1 condominium building (49 units)
  • Supplemental Parking Area

Developer’s Progress Updates


March 7, 2023

2441 Campus Shore Drive – Construction of the building’s units are nearing completion while final work continues onsite. Units on Floors 1-3 are anticipated to be ready for closings at the end of March.  

1200 Capability – Site work is well underway for the construction of five townhomes.  Site work will continue over the coming weeks.

Site logistics – The dirt piled on the western side of the site has been largely removed.  Hauling of concrete and asphalt debris and the construction of site fencing remains pending.

February 20, 2023

2441 Campus Shore Dr – Efforts continue in earnest to complete units in the building, with anticipated delivery of initial units pushing into early-March.  Electrical meters have been installed in all units and inspections are pending.  Elevator has been installed.  Finished flooring will begin installation this week.  Exterior to the building, completion of sidewalks and entry stairs and walkways are in process and painting is near complete. Work on balcony railings and cable rails will also commence this week.  Landscape installation will be deferred to spring (anticipate April).

Capability Drive Townhomes – Wet conditions have limited sitework progress.  Project work as well as hauling of debris will continue as conditions onsite (and at the dump) allow.  This will continue to be monitored.

February 10, 2023

2441 Campus Shore – Site work to complete the parking area, retaining walls and front
entrance remain underway. Interior work on the units is ongoing in earnest with units on floors
1-3 nearing substantial completion and units on floor 4 receiving sheetrock and commencing
interior finishes.

1200 Capability – This work has experienced rain delays. Site work will continue with
expectation of increased activities/progress in dryer weather.

Site Logistics: Landscape debris on the south-west corner of the adjacent land area (near Lake Raleigh) is in the process of being removed from the site. Hauling of dirt from the “dirt pile” has commenced and will be ongoing on an intermittent basis moving forward. Removal of the debris on the west side of Capability has commenced, stalled due to rain/lack of availability at the proper disposal location, and will recommence shortly – continuing through completion.

January 25, 2023

2441 Campus Shore Drive – Duke Power has established a power connection to the building.   Elevator installation is anticipated to resume next week.  The curb, retaining wall and handicap ramp at the front of the building is delayed due to rain but will recommence shortly.  Building exterior paint is anticipated to begin in the coming week, weather dependent.  Building water meter will be installed next week. Interior work is underway to complete units, first on floors 1-3, then floor 4.  

1200 Capability Drive – Removal of debris commenced this week and will continue into next week.  Site work also continues on the site. 

January 19, 2023

2501 Campus Shore Drive – Following the successful receipt and installation of the power transformer, the building electrical panel wiring has been completed and establishment of power is anticipated in the coming days.  In anticipation of power availability, installation of electrical fixtures has begun.  Flooring is being prepared to be delivered for acclimation, prior to installation.   Trailers have been removed from Campus Shore Drive and work has commenced to create the front entry and handicap ramp.  Other site work is also being completed. 

1200 Capability Drive – Updated permits were received earlier this week, which will result in work being re-mobilized on the site.  Debris from abandoned utilities discovered during site work is planned to be removed in the coming week.