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University Department Support: Off-Campus Leasing

We help university departments lease and manage office and research space off campus, and we facilitate any residential leasing needs connected to university programs.

Our office supports university departments in securing leases for office or lab space in private buildings off campus and in privately owned buildings on Centennial Campus. We also support departments in securing residential leases for remote research. 

Off-Campus Leasing of Office or Lab Space

University departments with space needs should first consult the University Space Committee to understand the principles of space allocation and the process for requesting space. When appropriate, leased space may be utilized to meet departmental needs. Departments that need space and want or need to lease it should contact the leasing portfolio manager to discuss the programmatic requirement and determine a path forward.

Off-Campus Residential Lease Agreements

University departments that conduct remote research occasionally need to lease residential space. Departments or researchers that need to lease residential space should contact our director of real estate services to discuss the requirement and determine a path forward.